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The London Borough of Hounslow Chamber of Commerce is here to champion the business of the borough, to support them in any way we can and to be their voice of clear economic and clear reason.

The Chamber movement exists to support firms, assisting them to grow and create new jobs, while at the same time encouraging new start-ups that innovate and fill the demands of the market place.

Our job is to be that support and voice for business in west London and in the Borough of Hounslow in particular. We believe that when businesses are given the necessary space to grow, communities benefit from new jobs, property development and other economic activities that take shape on and off the high street.

The London Borough of Hounslow has a vibrant and diverse population of some 280,000 people and a business community in excess of some 18,000 companies that reflect all aspects of that diversity.

Hounslow Enterprises range from sole traders through micro family-owned businesses to multi-national brands found on the “Golden Mile”. The borough benefits from the large corporates’ who are based here because of our excellent transport links and close proximity to the centre of London and the International Hub of Heathrow Airport. The impact of GSK, Heathrow, Pernod Ricard, Sky Television, JC Decaux, Sega Europe, TVT, MTG, Starbucks, Discovery, QTV and many others on west London’s supply chain is obvious – Hounslow is at the heart of a sustainable B2B opportunity that is second to none.


The Chamber provides networking and marketing opportunities to help businesses grow and strives to be the voice of businesses in the borough by lobbying on their behalf. We have a direct email database of some 12,000 with contacts in excess of 29,000.  The database is cleansed daily as we distribute up to the minute news and information to our subscribers.

Chamber News is broadcast daily on this website which is then posted to LinkedIn and then Tweeted.  Our daily impact is to several 10′s of thousands of individuals and businesses.

The influence of the Chamber is acknowledged by the Borough Council, which consults us on many matters that effect local trade, international trade, strategy, planning matters and business development. The Chamber is a key partner with other local Borough Chambers of Commerce around the Capital. Working with Surrey Chamber of Commerce, The All London Chamber Forum,  Spelthorne Business Forum and many small district Chambers of Commerce and Networking Groups.  Hounslow Chamber of Commerce offers the seasoned business, the entrepreneur and the family enterprise a second to none business opportunity to locate, grow, sustain and develop commercial roots amongst other successful and profitable Companies. Become a member today and discover how the Chamber can help you.