International Trade



Hounslow Chamber of Commerce established the West London Export Club with West London Business in order to promote international trade for SMEs in west London.

Our key targets for promoting international trade currently sit within the technology sectors looking at France, Germany, Denmark and the Ukraine.

Through our partnership with Surrey Chambers of Commerce we are able to offer a wide range of export documentation services.

Through our partners in the freight forwarding, cargo logistics sector we are able to refer and advice exporters on product transit into export markets.

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2018 is the year to export 
With our strong economy and the FTSE at a record high and the currency at a low point – the world is coming to the UK to buy British!

That is why now is the ideal time to take your British products to the world and export.
So do you want to export successfully?

Work with us for 1-2-1 support to develop a proactive export plan.

We can assist in the following:

  • Finding the right export market for you
  • Ensure you have your IP covered
  • Is your labelling / packaging correct for your chosen market
  • We can help and introduce you to an agent/ distributor/ open your own office in your chosen market
  • Is your Bank able to offer international trade finance?
  • Compliance checks/ legal issues
  • Certifying all export documentation with our COO Sally Smith
  • Finding the right Freight Forwarder with key market specialisation


Contact our award winning International Trade specialist:

Alan Rides – Chairman Hounslow Chamber of Commerce 07780650338