Zipcar launches Heathrow one-way service

Hounslow Chamber Car-sharing Corporate Partner Zipcar has launched a pilot scheme allowing its members to make a one-way journey to or from Terminal 5 (T5) at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Using the Zipcar Flex one-way travel scheme, which initially launched in London last year, members can pick up or drop off cars in any one of thousands of approved parking bays across London.

Now, this service also applies to dedicated spaces at T5′s short stay car park directly opposite the terminal building. Cars can be booked using Zipcar’s mobile app.

Rates are 29p per minute and up to £12 per hour, plus a £5 operational fee during the 90-day pilot for trips starting or ending at T5.

Zipcar’s UK general manager Jonathan Hampson said:

As Londoners and travellers know, getting to and from a London airport can be stressful and expensive.

By introducing Zipcar Flex at Heathrow T5 we aim to change all that. We want to make it easier, more efficient and also more cost effective for both business and leisure travellers to get to and from their destinations.

Fiona Carleton, Future Heathrow director, said:

We are delighted to be launching this pilot with Zipcar, offering more transport choices to our passengers.

This trial will help us deliver our ambition to reduce the number of vehicles on local roads, which along with other measures we are taking to address road emissions, will go a long way in improving our local air quality and the quality of life of our neighbours.

Hounslow Chamber Subscribers receive FREE Zip Car Membership, £60 Driving Credit and Unlimited Driver additions in their first 30 days of Membership.

Available to Zipcar members through the existing app, Flex complements Zipcar’s original Roundtrip service, which operates from dedicated on-street, car club-only bays across London so drivers can pick up and drop off a car in the same location.