Inflation Report – Bank of England

In order to maintain price stability, the Government has set the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) a target for the annual inflation rate of the Consumer Prices Index of 2%.

Subject to that, the MPC is also required to support the Government’s economic policy, including its objectives for growth and employment. The Inflation Report is produced quarterly by Bank staff under the guidance of the members of the Monetary Policy Committee. It serves two purposes. First, its preparation provides a comprehensive and forward-looking framework for discussion among MPC members as an aid to our decision-making. Second, its publication allows us to share our thinking and explain the reasons for our decisions to those whom they affect.

Although not every member will agree with every assumption on which our projections are based, the fan charts represent the MPC’s best collective judgement about the most likely paths for inflation, output and unemployment, as well as the uncertainties surrounding those central projections.

Read the entire Report here.

The Bank of England has introduced a new Inflation Report summary alongside this edition, available at, aimed at communicating the key messages in the Inflation Report in a way that is easier to understand. We hope that you will find this new product helpful.