Heathrow Airport says shareholders to invest 650 million more pounds in hub

Heathrow Shareholders will invest a further £650M in the hub it was announced yesterday.

The statement said that Heathrow’s shareholders have developed plans to invest the cash during 2019.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said:

this is great news for Heathrow passengers and for Britain.

Heathrow delivered a record number of passengers in 2016 and have been received government approval to build the third runway.  The government are currently undertaking the consultation period.

Qatar is a major shareholder in Heathrow, holding 20 percent of the business and earlier  pledged $6 billion of investments in Britain, just ahead of the Pri Minister signing Article 50 and withdrawal from the European Union.

Our investment in Heathrow is much more than just an investment in one of the world’s great airports – it’s an investment in Britain’s connections to the world,

said Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani, CEO of Qatar Investment Authority